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    Problem ending a process instance

    Francisco Javier Fernández González Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      as i said in previous topics, i'm not an expert using jbpm, so i'm sorry if my doubt is too basic, but i have found nothing using the search tool. I'm working on a web application based in jbpm. Like in the demo there is a button for saving and a button for finishing the task. Also, i have to add a third button (End Process). Its functionality is very easy. It has to end the process instance. The problem is that when i click on the button and when i call the method ProcessInstance.end() (not in a static way, of course), the process instance is marked like ended in the data base (the filed end_ in table jbpm_processinstance is not null), but the window with user's task has the task where i click the End Process button. I'll give you an example. I have 3 tasks. In one of them i push End Process and the process instance is marked as ended, but i have still got 3 tasks. Even i can continue with the next task of the process definition. I hope i have made myself understood.

      Any idea or help will be wellcome. Thanks in advanced and regards