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    Help... HibernateException

    Shai Bentin Newbie

      I have a process running inside a trascation. (Running inside JBoss App Server)

      this process is part of many other processes running inside the application and is not doing anything special. All the others are running fine. It is probably a problem somewhere in my code but I don't know where to look. Here is a short description of what i'm doing.

      The process goes through 3 nodes and then ends. Within that process it adds variables and deletes variables from the contectInstance, and of course does some things in the application.

      When it ends, it tries to perform a commit. There it fails on

      HibernateException: instance not of expected entity type: org.jbpm.context.exe.VariableInstance

      at AbstractEntityPersister.getSubclassEntityPersister

      I have looked at the context using debug and found some variables which I have left there, only the ones that were supposed to. They are all of type String and it seems the hibernate session sees them as String.

      Help... I don't know where to look next. I need a direction


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          Shai Bentin Newbie

          I managed to find out what was going on.

          What I did was download the hibernate source. Stopped at the exception ponit with the debugger and found out which instance was causing the problem. As it turned out it was a vairable which existed in a super process which I have not taken care of.

          Now everything is all right.

          So.... Remember that usually the problem is with your variables, and they can exist in a super process too.