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    Monitoring BPEL processes


      Hi Folks,
      is there a way to monitor my BPEL processes in a monitoring tool? Does the jBPM BPEL Extension offers e.g. a web-application where it gives me messages like: "Service X is running" or do I have to use the monitoring feature of the Application Server? How advanced is such a monitoring tool in the jBoss Application Server?
      I read that there is a monitoring tool integrated in jBPM - but I guess this is just for monitoring processes modeled with jPDL (am I right???).
      Thanks for your help!
      Cheers Rainer

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          Starting from jBPM BPEL 1.1.Beta2, you can deploy the jBPM web console (jbpm.war) and use it to monitor BPEL processes as well. The process instance monitoring page is broken, but this should be fixed in a forthcoming jBPM 3.1.x release.

          To build the jBPM web console, run target build.webapp in JBPM_HOME/build.deploy.xml.