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    assignment expression

    luck shh Newbie


      I am not sure I understand the meaning of this kind of assignment expression. This is from the jbpm docs, sec 11.11.2

       <task-node name='a'>
       <task name='laundry'>
       <assignment expression='previous --> group(hierarchy) --> member(boss)' />
       <transition to='b' />

      What do the arrows and the 3 terms signify? Is this the order in which the assignment will be processed? For example, if the previous user is not available to be assigned, pick someone from the group "hierarchy" etc?The doc is not clear to me.:-(


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          Ahmed Abd-ElHaffiez Newbie

          i can't find any documentation concerning this issue. but i think it means some kind of hierarchy..for example u want this task to be assigned to the manager in the HR department and not every body.

          so u would specify previous-->group(hr)-->member(manager). i am not sure abt my answer.

          I tried to work on simple assignments, example:

          <task name="mystask">
           <assignment expression="user(ernie)"></assignment>

          well, it works fine.

          but it didn't work for groups assignment. i don't know y it doesn't work when i say
          <task name="mystask">
           <assignment expression="group(hr)"></assignment>

          i find that anybody can access the task and not only HR department.

          is there any document for the membership assignng in the DB? wt i get is that 3 tables are responsible for this (grupID, userId, membershipID) anythg else i miss?

          any one can help me understand wt is the problem abt that?

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            luck shh Newbie

            Thanks for your reply. I did figure out how it worked, but I haven't checked this thread in a while.

            previous --> group(hierarchy) --> member(boss)

            This means: find the group for the last user where grouptype is 'hierarchy'. In this group find the user who has the role of 'boss'.

            This will basically assign the next task to the last user's boss.

            - lg