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    JBPM performance - is it really so slow?

    Jacek Sokulski Newbie

      We are building a data provisining system and consider using JBPM with JPDL. But we have encountered serious performance problems. I wonder if it is because of configuration of JBPM or it is just so slow.
      We have dsingned a simple workflow (linear, just passing few pices of data) with 12 nodes, deployed it into a database and in a loop we have loaded and run the process 100 times. When the definition was without subprocesses it took 7 sec. when we partitioned it into 3 subprocesses (and this is quite important feature for our project) it took 47 sec!
      For comaprision whan we used the classes from the user guide's chapter on graph oriented programming, running 1 milion processes took 8 sec.

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          Rainer Alfoeldi Novice

          Hi Jackar,

          I can't quite believe either of the values you mentioned.

          1 Mio processes in 8 secs? That would amount to 0.008 ms per ProcessInstance. With DB Access?

          On the other hand your 7 sec. values sounds like something else is wrong.

          jBPM itself definately isn't slow. The last app I built had a throughput of 1 Mio. Processes / day. No problems. (Ok. Bigs AppServers, but no fundamental problem... :-)

          Greetings from Bern