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    Query update to make jBpm 3.1.2 work with Hibernate 3.0.5

    Antonio Javier Ortega Pérez Newbie

      Hi to All.

      I'm having this problem when initiating jBpm application:

      ERRROR : 29 nov 2006 17:14:16,576 ERROR [main] org.hibernate.impl.SessionFactoryImpl - Error in named query: SchedulerSession.deleteTimersForProcessInstance
      org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxError: unexpected token: t near line 3, column 48 [

      delete from org.jbpm.scheduler.exe.Timer t
      where t.processInstance = :processInstance


      I'm trying to use jBpm 3.1.2 with HIbernate 3.0.5. As te quick guide says:

      jBPM is distributed with hibernate 3.1 final. But it can also work with 3.0.x.
      In that case, you might have to update a few hibernate queries in the
      hibernate.queries.hbm.xml configuration file. For more info about customizing
      queries, see Section 7.6, ?Customizing queries?

      Someone knows what are the EXACTLY changes needed to make jBpm3.1 work with hibernate3.0? I've searched on the forums, and found this:


      but i can't move hibernate's versión because its a client's requeriment.

      Thanks in advance.