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    org.jbpm.JbpmException: setRollbackOnly was invoked

    Meghana Joglekar Novice


      I have been struggling to get jBPM running on Tomcat 5.5.17. As it currently stands, the webapp seems to have deployed with all the jars specfieid in 'JBPM3 on Tomcat' thread. When I try to visit index.jsp I get FacesException that it cannot get value for userBean.userSelectItem. I have posted that on the same thread.

      Then I copied hsqldb.jar to my jbpm\web-inf\lib and also added log4j.properties to classes folder. Now I get following exception -

      org.jbpm.JbpmException: setRollbackOnly was invoked while configuration specifie
      s user managed transactions
      at org.jbpm.persistence.db.DbPersistenceService.close(DbPersistenceServi
      at org.jbpm.svc.Services.close(Services.java:211)
      at org.jbpm.JbpmContext.close(JbpmContext.java:139)
      at org.jbpm.msg.command.CommandExecutorThread.executeCommand(CommandExec
      at org.jbpm.msg.command.CommandExecutorThread.run(CommandExecutorThread.

      and it is throwing this exception periodically. so my question is was it right thing to add that jar file? I did not see any hsql specific jar in the lib folder and Tomcat doesn't have any by default like jBoss so I thought of adding one.

      Also I don't think I am getting anything by adding log4j.properties. How do I turn on logging from jBPM?

      Please let me know what I am doing wrong? :(

      I have to get this working by tomorrow :((

      Thank you in advance.
      - Meghana