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    Jbpm 3.0.0 - why data loss from process definition tables?

    Sorin Scortan Newbie


      I'm using Jbpm 3.0.0 and Tomcat 4.1.27 for a purchasing order workflow application which has 7 process definitions (workflows), using PostgreSQL 8.0. The process definitions have 5-8 steps, forks, joins and decisions.
      I have dozens of process instances and hundreds of tasks successfully created every day, and sometimes I have noticed that some data from the process definition tables (jbpm_moduledefinition, jbpm_node or jbpm_transition) effectively dissapear ("holes" in some fields of data records), especially when then database traffic is high. This disturbs the creation of new tasks and make these process instances unusable.

      I would like to make the records from those tables "read only" after every deployment of a process definition, for the daily database usage, but I don't know how.
      Do you have any idea which is the cause of this data loss and how to prevent or solve it? Thank you for any answer.