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    Need a default value for a Process Definition

    falazar Novice

      We need to have a value that we can set with an initial string from within a process definition.

      I cannot find any way to do this in the definition itself.

      This would be very helpful for the tasks later on, and would be different only with the different versions, but cannot be programmaticaly set or set later on.


       <input jsfc="h:inputText" value="#{taskBean.variables['defSpecial']}" />

      What I need
       <input jsfc="h:inputText" name="#{taskBean.variables['defSpecial']}" value='test'/>

      It could even be ahidden variable if that is what is needed, we just need something, otherwise we have to go create a whole nother set of tables, and a way to manage them which would not be good.

      James Ratcliff

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master


          If you turn process validation of in the server (deploy time) you can add your own xml elements at several levels. In 3.2 (3.1.3 as well afaik) you have access to the full xml process definition and can read anything from there .

          another option is to have one actionhandler that sets the process varibable at the process start event. works for me

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            falazar Novice

            Sorry, ignore example above, I need it in the process definition XML itself.

            You say we can add and ref stuff in the xml, but how exactly?

            By taking apart the entire xml and getting it from there or ?

            I need some form of
            [variable name="extra"]Test Data here[/variable]

            But then easily get this information later, when I display a list fo these processes in the web console.