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    Process Partner=Running Axis Service: bpel-application.xml?


      Hallo @all,

      i have the following problem:

      I'm trying to invoke web service running in the axis context: http://localhost:8082/axis/service/MyService.wsdl.

      I have used the approach like in the AMT-example (declaring the web service as process partner but i think this way require to deploy the web service on JBoss).

      My question are the following under the assumption that the bussiness process will invoke a already running web Service:

      1)- Did i need to deploy the partner service of my BPEL process because this service is accessible under http://localhost:8082/axis/service/MyService.wsdl?

      2) - In case YES. I need to redirect the request to the axis service (MyService) . How should i configure the web service application descriptor (myprocess/web/classes/bpel-application.xml)?

      Some of you has allready got this problem in this forum but no answer was provided to that problem.

      Please may some one help me?

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