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    Fork + Join

    Marco Schulze Newbie

      Hello *,

      I've got a question about Fork+Join behaviour:

      When the root token enters the Fork, it creates a new child token for every outgoing transition. That's exactly what I expected according to the docs and my intuition.

      When these child tokens enter the Join, however, they don't end there, but continue their way through the rest of the workflow. That means, even though the Join can be understood as the counterpart of the Fork, it doesn't behave that way. In my opinion, every child token should end in the Join by default.

      Is there a way to configure a Join this way? I didn't find anything in the Join's source code...

      What's the preferred way to do this? End the child tokens in an action? Are there best practices?

      Thousand thanks in advance!

      Best regards, Marco :-)