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    regarding db change from hsql to oracle

    vamsikiran kumar Newbie

      I followed the follwing steps and when i try to run the application i am errors.If any one found solution pls mail me.These r the steps i follwed....
      1)I extracted jbpm-starters-kit-3.1.2
      2)I added oracle-ds.xml file to \jbpm-server\server\jbpm\deploy folder which provides
      information about oracle jndi,connection url,driver class,username,password.
      3)I copied classes12.jar file in /jbpm-server/server/jbpm/lib folder
      4) I made changes in jboss.service.xml file in
      5)I made changes in hibernate.cfg.xml file in jbpm-server/server/jbpm/deploy/jbpm.sar
      when i try to ru the server DatasourceNotFoundError and EntityMedia NotBound error r thrown