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    No SOAPMessage in HTTP-Request body invoking WS

    njipwo Bertrand Newbie

      Hello community,

      I have the following problem:

      I'm trying to call a web service inside my BPEL-Process running unter the jbpm-Engine from JBoss. During his execution the process call an"virtually deployed" web service which should not be used at runtime (This because jBPM require the deployement of process partners). Instead of this service the call have to be redirected to a remote service wich can only deal with request like: But inside this simple HTTP-Request the SOAPMessage the BPEL process concatenate before performing the call has to be present in the HTTP-Body of this request.

      On my old System i was using BPWS4J from IBM alphaWorks as BPEL-Engine. Now i move to jBPM.BPEL (1.beta1 with JBoss AS-4.0.4.GA and jBPM-3.1.1) and i have the problem that, the jPBM-Engine didn't inject automatically the required SOAPMessage in the HTTP-Request before the web service call is performed.

      Any one has some ideas if this is the case on the jbpm-Engine?

      Every tipps or advice will be welcomed and help a lot.