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    schema table choice for hibernate mapping files

    dslevine Newbie

      Hello Again,

      I've been slogging along with my Spring JBPM integration and hope to be able to contribute a working demo app in the near future. Along the way I have many questions, of which here is one:

      - Why are the tables all defined in the default schema instead of in a jbpm specific schema? Would that make it dependent on the DB?

      The way my app is set up, using Oracle, I define groups of related app functionality in separate schemas. The tables in the hbx xml files are defined as table="SCHEMA.TABLE". As it stands with jBPM, my default root schema has to absorb all of the JBPM tables, or I have to edit each of the hibernate files and strip them out of the jar... which I could do I guess.

      Was this done because other DBs dont use this syntax, or for another reason, or for no reason in particular?