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    EDIT mode page cannot be accesed after navigating in the VIE


      Hi all,
      I have the following problem:

      - In the main page, click a commandButton and navigate to another page defined in the facesNavigator.
      - When you try to pass to the EDIT mode, the last viewed page is displayed instead of the edition page

      Anyone else has the sample problem?

      We've fixed this problem modifying the class org.jboss.portletbridge.application.PortletStateHolder, generating a new stateID when changing the mode

      Here is the modified code in org.jboss.portletbridge.application.PortletStateHolder.getStateId(FacesContext

      String scopeId = portletConfig.getPortletName() + portletSession.getId();
      String portletModeName = portletRequest.getPortletMode().toString();
      if (Bridge.PortletPhase.RenderPhase.equals(portletLifecycleAttr)) {
       RenderRequest renderRequest = (RenderRequest) request;
       stateId = renderRequest.getParameter(STATE_ID_PARAMETER);
       //-----------MODIFIED CODE
       PortletMode currentPortletMode = new PortletMode(portletModeName);
       if (!lastMode.equals(currentPortletMode)) {
       stateId = null;
       //------------END OF MODIFIED CODE
       if (null == stateId) {
       RenderResponse response = (RenderResponse) externalContext.getResponse();
       stateId = scopeId + portletModeName + response.getNamespace();