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    Problems jbpm 3.2alpha2 & ejb3 rc9

    Niklas Schulz Newbie

      If I install ejb3 rc9 on the jbpm3.2alpha2 suite server, the server throws a lot of exceptions at startup. Does anyone have a solution?
      Thanks in advance.


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          darren hartford Expert

          Try the reverse - take a running EJB3 jboss and add in:


          Also, may want to start clean and copy the /server/jbpm/data folder to override your EJB3's /server//data folder as it does not seem to auto-create the JBPM database at the moment.

          This isn't foolproof as I'm presently having process archive deployment issues, but that may be just me ;-)


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            darren hartford Expert

            More full details with some original missing information:

            For installing jbpm 3.2alpha2 on JEMS jboss 4.0.5.GA-EJB3 server.

            *Copy to /deploy jboss-console.war
            -modify jboss-console.war and remove /WEB-INF/lib/javassist.jar. This is already in the jboss AS classpath and will cause ClassCastExceptions.

            *Copy to /deploy jbpm-ds.xml (may also want to overwrite the hsqldb-ds.xml from the 3.2alpha2 starter kit to the AS).

            *delete $JBOSS_HOME/server/<>/data directory. Replace with $JBPM_STARTERKIT/server/jbpm/data directory.

            *Copy the $JBPM_STARTERKIT/server/jbpm/conf/login-config.xml fragment "Other" policy to override the $JBOSS_HOME/server/<>/conf/login-config.xml "Other".

            Start playing (testing) at http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console/