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    create task instance without saving it

    saphir J Newbie

      In my application, I have to provide user with a web page showing a form of certain ProcessDefinition's fisrt task instance. If the user leave the page without click the "Save" button, nothing are supposed to be saved.
      So, how can I get the fisrt task instance'context without saving it to the database? Or is there another way to sovle this problem?

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          blogbin Newbie

          Don't create task instance unit the user send the request.

          Hope it ca help you!


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            saphir J Newbie

            if I don't create task instance, how can I get the instance variables ?
            Did anybody know? any idea?

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              falazar Novice

              I concur, this shoudl be fixed, because we noticed real quick that we would go to the page, not really want to start the task leave, and we would have a started, empty task, that was just taking aspot for no reason.

              It doesnt look like it was that hard to fix, there is a function in ParticipantBean that starts it, and then a function in TaskBean that saves/ends it.
              If we can move most of the logic from the first to the second it should work.

              You dont have to worry about the variables, cause you only need them when you save, and when you save, teh first thing you can do is create the task instance.

              So the only real thing to do, is make sure you can get access to the initial form.

              This may have changed in in the newest version, that David is working on though.

              James Ratcliff