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    Doubt with subprocess

    Francisco Javier Fernández González Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      I have some doubts using subprocess in jbpm. Before starting with jbpm, i worked with wfmopen and i could do all these things i don't know if they are possible in jbpm, so a little of help would be apreciatted:
      1. My application has a main window with the list of my process definitions and when i click in one of them, a new window with the list of tasks is shown. Among my process definitions, i have some of them that are only disegned for be used like subprocess of the rest of definitions. Is there any way to indicate that special case so it doesn't appear in my main window?
      2. Subprocess (call it PD2) is a process definition, so when its instances are created for its superprocess (call it PD1), the new task is create for PD2 and not for PD1, so in my main window i have to click in PD2 instead of PD1, that is the desired behaviour. Is there any way to get that?

      Thanks in advance and regards