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    Targeting specific form element with a4j:support reRender?

    Lance Buchan Newbie


      In the basic code snippet below, how do I get the a4j:poll to re-render only "clock" (short of using separate forms)? What I'm finding is that the entire form (main_form) is updated, causing the a4j:status to flicker at the poll interval.

       <h:form id="main_form">
       <h:outputText id="clock" value="#{bean.time}"/>
       <%-- this updates both the clock and the entire form, causing status to flicker --%>
       <a4j:poll id="clock_updater" ajaxSingle="true"
       interval="1000" reRender="clock"/>
       <a4j:status id="status" startText="doing something" stopText="done"/>

      Help much appreciated