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    JBPM DB Upgrades

    Pravin kamble Newbie

      I am upgrading from jBPM 3.0.2 to jBPM 3.1, i need a generated upgrade SQL script (for Oracle).Does anyone have that upgarde script? Please provide me.Since i tried all the options like "upgrade.old.schema.script" ,'ant upgrade.db.script' , 'ant upgrade.db.script'to generate the Oracle.upgrade.Sql.But the generated schema contains all tables and not the difference.

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          dslevine Newbie

          I dont have a jBPM answer for you, but if you create the new schema in a different DB you can pretty easily use Oracle tools (i.e. a free trial download of Toad Xpert Edition) to generate a schema diff SQL script. If you do so, maybe post it? =)