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    HibernateLongInstance Object Persistance basic question, how

    dslevine Newbie

      Cuddled up so warm in my office at 2am between XMas and NYE, full of holiday cheer!! Happy (almost) New Year everyone! =)

      I am adding a Hibernate variable to the contextInstance, and would like for it to persist with the HibernateLongInstance:

      HibernateLongInstance (this is used for hibernatable types with a long id field. One java.lang.Object field is mapped as a reference to a hibernate entity in the database)

      But instead of matching the HibernateLongIdMatcher, my hibernate classes are matching the SerializableMatcher. I dont see the Test case doing any special declaration anywhere, so I assume it looks it up by the Hibernate metadata. Or... Should I have to register my Hibernate classes somewhere explicitly?

      I saw Tom's JIRA issue: http://preview.tinyurl.com/y6kn4e But that is not what my problem is.

      I know it is something very basic, and i've reread the docs and looked at the test cases and searched the forums. Harumph. ?

      Thanks! I'll post the answer here if I figure it out...

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          dslevine Newbie

          Problem solved. I am an idiot and didnt read the docs properly at 2am.

          (Answer for anyone else trying to figure this out is to override the org/jbpm/context/exe/jbpm.varmapping.xml file with your own jbpm.varmapping.xml in the classpath.)

          However, I am surprised that it doesn't automatically read the hibernate cfg and use the HibernateLongInstance or HibernateStringInstance as a default for any Hibernate object with a Long or String key.

          For the moment, I'll just add creation of the jbpm.varmapping.xml file to the script that builds my POJOs from Hibernate configs, but I could work on a patch for auto-detecting if others agree this should be default behavior.

          Happy New Year!