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    Audits to hold application dates rather than system dates

    Raja Mohan Newbie

      Currently the date fields in JBPM_TOKEN,JBPM_TASKINSTANCE and JBPM_PROCESSINSTANCE tables takes in the current date from the system(of cos becozz of end_=new Date)
      We have a requirement in which all these date fields should save the current application date which might be different from that of the system(like in most bankin apps). The application uses a different calendar to that of the JBPM one

      Modifying TASKINSTANCE should be a little easy and can be tweaked to pick up the current application date from a different source. But in case of ProcessInstance and Token its a bit difficult.

      Is there any better way to handling application "DATE" in JBPM?? or do we have to tweak the PI/TI and TOKEN files??

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          Koen Aers Master

          It is not supported at present.
          The way to do this would be by looking up all places in jBPM where new Date() is called and replace this by a piece of code that looks up whatever-date-you-want-to-insert from the jBPM context. It is not quite trivial to do it, but if you want more details post the question on our development forum so that Tom can chime in to give you some additional pointers.