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    Task assignment to group or pooledActors

    sonika johar Newbie

      I have a group of users who need to see the tasks assigned to their group. I understand that we can assign tasks using assignment to group(group-name) and then whoever takes the task from group gets the task assigned to personal list. I have done the following

       xmlns="urn:jbpm.org:jpdl-3.1" name="process">
       <swimlane name="Arranger">
       <assignment expression="group(organizer)"></assignment>

      The group has been created in jbpm_id_group table and users given membership. Following task is assigned to the swimlane

      <task-node name="Send data">
       <task name="Send data"
       <variable name="Id" access="read"></variable>
       <variable name="Sent date"></variable>

      But in the workflow when the previuos task gets completed this task is not assigned to anyone.
      Please suggest what should be used ?