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    *** Seam/Rich Faces Question for fix of IE 7 Bug ****

    Phil Wilson Apprentice

      Hey Guys,

      I have been having an issue with commandLink and redirect not working on IE 7. The bug basically clears my request beans.

      When the navigation moves to next page on IE 7 the page is empty. This
      works fine on FireFox......

      This has been going on for over a month now.

      I have been instructed to use Seam to fix this issue.

      How can I include seam into my JSF/RichFaces Project with the least issues?

      This has been referred to me as a fix.



      adding all this seems like a bit of overKill if I just need a bug fix. But whatever it takes to make this work.

      Please any setup help is appreciated.


      This is the previous stream for the IE 7 Bug ...