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    change xml Schema to jpdl-3.1.xsd

    Ansgar Thobe Newbie

      Hi all!

      Until know, i have used jpdl 3.0 ( xml schema http://jbpm.org/xsd/jpdl-3.0.xsd )

      But know, i want to use the asynchron execution of nodes and therefore i must change my xml schema to jpdl 3.1.

      I have tried to change the processdefinition in this way:

       xsi:schemaLocation="http://jbpm.org/3/jpdl http://jbpm.org/xsd/jpdl-3.1.xsd"

      But i got an error :
      14:22:47,953 DEBUG [JpdlParser] resolving schema reference publicId(null) systemId(http://jbpm.org/jpdl-3.0.xsd)
      14:22:47,953 DEBUG [JpdlParser] providing input source to local 'jpdl-3.0.xsd' resource
      14:22:48,078 ERROR [LogInterceptor] EJBException in method: public abstract de.uniSiegen.crm.server.beans.stateless.interfaces.Workflow de.uniSiegen.crm
      .server.beans.stateless.interfaces.WorkflowHome.create() throws javax.ejb.CreateException,java.rmi.RemoteException, causedBy:
      org.jbpm.jpdl.JpdlException: [[ERROR] line 81: cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: Attribute 'async' is not allowed to appear in element 'node'.]
       at org.jbpm.jpdl.xml.JpdlXmlReader.readProcessDefinition(JpdlXmlReader.java:163)
       at org.jbpm.graph.def.ProcessDefinition.parseXmlInputStream(ProcessDefinition.java:172)
       at org.jbpm.graph.def.ProcessDefinition.parseXmlResource(ProcessDefinition.java:153)

      It seems as if furthermore jpdl 3.0 is used.
      Where can i change the xml schema????

      I use the jbpm 3.1.1 starterkit.