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    some Jbpm tables are not getting affected when we are using

    suresh kumar Newbie

      Any body can help me how the jbpm data base tables getting affected

      1. Whats the difference between JBPM_SWIMLANE and JBPM_ID_GROUP tables. Both looks like storing informaton abt the ROLES(GROUPS) to which USERS are alloted. Can some one please explain this.

      2. When will the JBPM_ID_USER, JBPM_ID_GROUP, JBPM_ID_MEMBERSHIP tables gets populated. Does the jBPM API takes care of populating these tables (OR) do we need to populate it manually?

      the above mentioned doubts are regarding with some jbpm data base tables .

      When we are deploying one sample process using jbpm api these are the tables are not getting affected every time.

      Could any body can help me whether we should manually entered or jbpm api takes care of those things.