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    RF-3341: possible workaround with a tree

    Yurii Kartsev Apprentice

      Good afternoon, dear RF gurus!

      I have a tree and a scrollableDataTable on my page. When I click on a node, a parameter for scrollableDataTable data getter is set(in nodeSelectListener) and it(table) is reRendered to show the appropriate data(using this parameter in the getter). When the data is fully retrieved - the parameter is set back to null(in the end of this getter).

      The problem is: because of RF-3341 my scrollable data table is reRendered TWICE and as a result I have wrong data in it. I.e. for the first reRender I have right data, but the second one uses null as parameter and wrecks all the things...

      What workaround can you advise to me? I'm asking just because I don't know all clever RF features for sure and I can use not as effective workaround as you can advise. You, as developers, can advise something much more effective, I'm sure.

      Thanks in advance!

      P.S.: My RF version is v.3.2.1.GA SVN $Revision: 7513 $ $Date: 2008-04-01 04:05:05 +0300 $