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    Dynamical Task-Node in a JRule possible?

    Jim Knopf Newbie

      Hi all,

      i am calling a Rule (JRules) from an action in a task-node.
      In this Rule i want to read some data from a database AND if there are is no data for something in the database i want a humantask to input the missing data. Later in the rule these datas will be needed. The Rule will change after the creation of the workflow, so it is not possible to check if the data are exists bevor i enter the Rule.

      The Problem is, the variables to check are only known in the Rules.
      Now, how could i implement this funktion?
      Is it possible to create dynamikal a task-node in the rule and wait there until the input is done?

      Or is there another way?

      (Sorry for the bad english, i hope i could explain the problem)