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    automatically completing tasks

    Dheeraj Patri Newbie


      I am new to jBPM so this question may seem trivial. I have scoured the documentation, and I am unable to find my answer (or don't know enough to realize the answer is looking me in the face)

      I have a process definition that forks into several task nodes. For example, let us a say that a process forks into four task nodes (A, B, C, D)

      I have a join between task nodes B, C, and D that when completed, moves to the next node (let's call that E). However, I have designed node "A" when completed to automatically forward to node E. In other words I need to move to node E, based on [A OR (B and C and D)]. However, even when I complete task node A, and it moves to node E - B, C, and D are still active and waiting completion. How do I setup my process definition to allow [A OR (B and C and D)] and move to E if this is satisfied. BTW all these task nodes require a human to fire the event. I'm sure this can be done easily, but I am not understanding how it should work.

      Below is a snippet of the process definition that illustrates my point.

      <task-node name="adminReviewOBI">
      <task name="obiwf:reviewOBITask" swimlane="obiadmin" />
      <transition name="Progress to Approval" to="fork1" />
      <fork name="fork1">
       <transition name="tr" to "bypassApproval></transition>
       <transition name="" to="operationRiskApproval"></transition>
       <transition name="tr2" to="lcApproval"></transition>
      <task-node name="operationRiskApproval">
       <task name="obiwf:operationRiskApprovalTask" swimlane="operationRiskApprover" />
       <transition name="Approve to Checkpoint 3" to="join1"></transition>
      <task-node name="lcApproval">
       <task name="obiwf:lcApprovalTask" swimlane="lcApprover" />
       <transition name="Approve to Checkpoint 3" to="join1"></transition>
      <!-- Here is where I bypass-->
      <task-node name="bypassApproval">
       <task name="obiwf:bypassApprovalTask" swimlane="obiadmin" />
       <transition name="Bypass to Checkpoint 3" to="checkpoint3"></transition>
      <join name="join1">
       <transition name="" to="checkPoint3"></transition>
      <task-node name="checkPoint3">
       <task name="obiwf:checkPoint3SubmitTask" swimlane="initiator" />
       <transition name="Submit Checkpoint 3 for Approval" to="checkPoint3Approval"></transition>