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    Newbie question about processDefinition.xml

    Nach Scratch Newbie


      I've downloaded and installed correctly the Starter's Kit. I ran the sample and it was ok.

      Now I want to do certain changes at processDefinition.xml to see what changes on the sample, but I can't find this file into te jbpm-server.

      I want to know where is it, because I think then I could put there my own processDefinitions.

      I've done various samples with the Designer in Eclipse, and all of them are ok when I work in Eclipse as JUnit Tests, but I want to write my own jsp's to use the process Definitions I made, and for this, I must understand the sample and all the deployment process.

      I tried to see the wiki posted in this forum, but the link seems to be broken.

      If anyone can help, please answer.

      PS: Excuse me, my English is not too good.