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    Howto get the running processID before it's persisted to DB?

    njipwo Bertrand Newbie

      Hello every one,

      i'm trying to get the wright process instance ID of the running bpel process on the engine before this is persisted to the data base.

      When i use the getCurrentJbpmContext() methode i get the ID of the running process instance. But after this the process execution can't be resumed.

      NB: With a new jpbmContext object i get the Process instance ID of the latest saved process definition in the database (for example processID=150 in jbpm_processintance). I think it'll not be a good idea to assume that in the current jbpmContext the current processID will be 151 an therefore increase the value readed from the data base (Concurrent transaction problem: Don't know which will be first executed).

      Can any one has an idea how to encouter this situation ?

      Thanks in advance.

      Best Regards