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    C'mon people, I can't use #{day} in a rich:calendar, but I c

    Daniel Hinojosa Master

      So in a calendar I can't use EL with my {day} token or any other token to determine if I can render an outputText, or do any mathematical operation on the '{day}' token? I can't believe this...

       <rich:calendar popup="false" id="blog_calendar" dataModel="#{blogCalendarDataModel}"
       <h:outputText value="{day}" rendered="#{myAppointmentBook.isAvailable({day})}/>
      <!-----myAppointmentBook.isAvailable will not work because {day} is not a JSF context variable--->
      <!-----and myAppointmentBook.isAvailable(day) won't work either.!!!!--->

      Please tell me this wasn't intentional or I am wrong somehow. Sorry for the direct words but this can't be a production grade component if I cannot access a date variable as an EL context variable within a calendar.