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    Will jbpm 3.2 Beta2 Suite be released?

    Stefano Simone Newbie


      was wondering, if jbpm 3.2 Beta2 suite will be released, as the roadmap says that 19.01.2007 should have been the release date for that.

      I write my thesis on workflow-systems and chose jbpm for an implementation of a test system in a organisation. As i am not an Information Science student i am not able to build files from the cvs (yet). The Beta1 release comes with the navigation-bug which causes, that when the user finishes a task an error message is displays (although the token is fired correctly). I've read on the forum, that this is caused because of a typo and the issue is fixed in current versions inside the cvs.

      Thanks in advance for your answer. Any hint is appreciated...

      BTW: You are doing a great job, guys! I've been observing the development of different systems during the last few month. The JSF-based Web-App finally led me to the choice of jbpm for my studies. Thank you!