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    Allocate Transitions / States to Swimlanes

    Phil Barr Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to model a process where I would like to allocate not only tasks, but also transitions and states to swimlanes. The reason is that if the model reaches a particular state-node/task-node, and there is more than one transition out of the state, I only want particular users to be able to choose particular transitions.

      For example, if I was modelling the process of producing content for a website, I might have a process that goes:

      Start -> Created -> Authored -> Reviewed

      At the "Reviewed" stage, there are transitions called "fail review", "pass review" and "delete".

      I want "standard" users to be able to choose the transitions "fail review" and "pass review", but "admin" users are also able to choose "delete".

      Is this kind of thing possible?