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    Integration jBPM with JBoss AS 3.2.8

    Bruno Duarte Newbie

      Couldn't find any info about this issue...

      I've been trying to integrate jBPM 3.1.3 and BPEL 1.1B3 in our production environment.

      We are using J2EE 1.4, JBoss AS 3.2.8, JBoss Rules 3.0.5 and MySQL! In the future we would like to analyze integration with JBoss Cache (clustering?) and LDAP.

      We have 3 options:
      - jBPM inside our JBoss AS 3.2.8
      - jBPM in an independent JBoss AS instance (4.x)
      - jBPM standalone;

      I've successfully deployed jBPM core inside JBoss AS 3.2.8 (had to change jboss-service.xml) but I can't do much more. Both core and console depend on hibernate 3! Is there a way to deploy jBPM in this AS version and to test websale example?

      What you think is the best option to integrate it with our production environment? Standalone or another instance of JBoss AS?

      Thanks in advance,
      Bruno Duarte