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    jbpm-web 3.2beta1: cannot complete task in simple example wo

    Kevin Klinemeier Newbie

      My goal and problem:
      My goal was to get the jbpm-web console running with the simple process. I can load and start the process, but cannot complete the first task.

      The setup details
      I've got the 3.2beta1 webconsole running under Tomcat against a hypersonic database.

      I used the IDE to create a process archive of the "simple" process in the examples folder. (examples/simple)

      I loaded the archive successfully (as "ernie"), and started it successfully. A task seems to have been assigned to ernie, but I do not see how to specify the two task attributes (size and color), or how to represent the task as complete.

      I notice that the "task form" tab is disabled.

      The actions section has only a "reassign" option, which actually lists no users in the drop-down.

      my questions
      Is this definition expected to work?

      Is a task form required? What's a task form, anyway? I see it in the wiki vision, but can't find other documentation on it.