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    a graph problem

    Ahmed El-din Newbie


      when i close the ide the graph i made gathers in 1 point . all task nodes become at 1 point .!! how can i solve that ?


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          Edward Staub Expert

          You have a black hole in your PC.
          You need to take it in for servicing immediately.


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            Romeu Figueira Newbie

            @estaub, an answer like isn't the kind of that makes theses forums progress, neither it helps the user who made it.

            The question may have not been properly formulated, in english terms, but it is a valid question, so it should be anwsered.

            @asset: Yes, sometimes the graphic representation gets messeded up, placing all nodes into a single point. Personally I get this when I'm touching the JPDL code (XML under source tag), adding graphic elements that weren't there in the first place.

            I'm getting this behaviour in JBoss IDE 2.0.0 Beta2, so what IDE are you using?

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master


              Regardless of how the question is formulated in english terms, the basic information is missing.


              So it does not need answering at all (imo)

              Like you mention, this happens sometimes and searching the forum would have resulted in more info that he/she couldhave tried, among which is the possible cause you mentioned. So as long as people do not do THEIR homework, I think a remark like the one Ed made is not totally out of place and does get the forum further (a corrective slap on the but is also needed for children to learn.

              If you promise to answer all these kinds of questions, I'll refrain from ever using a RTFM, STFF, google is.... etc. again.


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                Ahmed El-din Newbie

                thank u very much for reply

                i am using JBossIDE-1.6.0.GA-Bundle-win32 and this problem happens when i close the ide and open it again . yes i am playing with the xml a lot adding many tasks from the xml directly but on some other machines that doesnt happen although they took the same zip file i have .

                that is realy wasting time . imagine guys that you have a workflow of 60 task nodes ( i do ) each day i must reorgnize them !

                Sorry if the first post was not formatted well in english . and thanks for response . any suggestions ?

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                  Ahmed El-din Newbie

                  well i didnt find an answer mr ronald

                  may be some kind reply is requierd not the slap u mentioned . if your parents used to slap u much , this would not be me . find someone to slap your ...

                  i am not here for u to learn me how to ask . i think in the first place you dont know the answer of that question and your supervisor is kicking your ... so you give that kind of reply .

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                    Edward Staub Expert


                    Sorry, if I had a useful answer, I would have supplied it. I hoped someone would follow up quickly with a real answer - which you did.

                    The image just seemed too funny not to be shared - sorry you didn't find it so. I didn't mean to mock asset. If you don't know, Dogbert is a cartoon character who works on a help desk, and provides exactly the kind of ridiculously useless answer that I did.