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    jbpm.3 ide most recent Decision xml config

    Maurice Yarrow Newbie

      Hello jBPM community

      Looking around at the posts about the Decision tag content,
      it seems to have changed more than once in the last couple
      of years.

      Could someone please show me a correctly formatted
      current jbpm.3 decision tag with content, say for two
      transitions out (e.g., true-false).

      Note: what I have seen are the following:

       <decision name="evaluateGuess" expression="#numberGuess.correctGuess}">
       <transition name="true" to="win"/>
       <transition name="false" to="evaluateRemainingGuesses"/>

      and I have also seen:

      <decision name="decision-x">
       <transition name="t1" to="node-a" />
       <transition name="t2" to="node-b">
       <condition expression="#{...}" />

      Please comment: which is correct ? Are both correct ?

      In addition, does anyone have a trivial processdefinition.xml
      which adds two numbers and then tests for even-odd in a
      decision, or maybe any other trivial decision-string test
      processdefinition.xml which works in jbpm.3 ?

      Maurice Yarrow
      SplashNote Systems