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    jBPM and Seam - best way to create project in Eclipse

    Damian Harvey Master


      What is the best way to setup a project in Eclipse so that it uses both Seam and jBPM?

      Currently, I am creating the project skeleton using Seam-gen (seam setup & seam new-project). My understanding is that the following are required in order to add jBPM to this project:
      - jbpm.3.1.2.jar (included with Seam)
      - jbpm.cfg.xml
      - hibernate.cfg.xml
      - components.xml pointing to jBPM component

      1. I add all of these but get an error on deploy saying that org/jbpm/identity/User.hbm.xml could not be found (it is in jbpm-identity-3.1.1.jar). Even adding this to the buildpath doesn't resolve.

      2. The other issue that I'm confused about is that all of the Seam examples have jBPM flows as flowname.jpdl.xml whereas the flows created by Eclipse (new -> JBoss jBPM -> Process Definition) are in a folder structure with a gpd.xml and processdefinition.xml. This seems inconsistent.

      For the *.jpdl.xml it seems easy to set components.xml to


      but what do you put when you have gpd.xml?

      Sorry if these are obvious, I'm still new to this.