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    Should I use Drools?

    James DePaul Newbie

      Sorry, didn't know where else to post this message about using Drools... Please help me decide if Drools rules engine would work for us.

      We are designing a system that will process multitude of events from various systems (with MQ and JMS on WebSphere server). These events represent shipment notifications with attributes such as clientID, location, package#, date, time, weight, etc - there are lots of events (about 100+ per minute). We need to scrutinize each event that comes to us and look for potential subscribers - that is, parties that want to be notified of an event given a set of conditions they define. Customer can define multiple complex rules: i.e. notify me when my containers reach location SFC or STL for a given package# range and date combination... etc. The system needs to compare each event to these customer-defined rules to see if a Match is found. I believe the result of comparing Rules to Facts should result in either ONE or ZERO matches ...

      If a match DOES exist, then do something: return True, fire another Event, OR invoke jBPM process flow (ideally).

      Does it sound like Drools could do this type of pattern matching for us - and if so, could it do it efficiently?