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    jBPM jPDL GPD 3.1.0.alpha2 Released

    Koen Aers Master

      Hi all,

      I am happy to announce the release of a new GPD. From the release notes :

      [GPD-11] - can't install subversion plugin together with gpd
      [GPD-53] - deleting jpdl elements (in treeview as well as in graph view) gives sometimes problems

      Feature Request
      [GPD-4] - add support for adding Action to Nodes without adding Event

      [GPD-6] - Review the publishing of build artifacts to the remote/local repositories
      [GPD-22] - Add graphical support for super states
      [GPD-44] - Condition configuration on transitions
      [GPD-47] - Split out the graphical overview in a view of its own and redefine the perspective to incorporate it
      [GPD-48] - Review the outline view

      Note that this is the first GPD with support for super state nodes. Don't hesitate to give feedback and ideas.

      Download the new release at the usual spot :

      Have fun and regards,