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    Beginner in jbpm

    saiful islam Newbie

      helo friends i am new in jbpm, last couple of days i have go through jbpm. this nice . but i need some real time example program, where some task node connect with database and some task node have email notification. plz can u tell me how get this. any help will be helpful.

      where i will write my java code and how to link this with process definition xml
      is there any complete deployable example

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          Konstantin Kolev Newbie

          There is prety nice documentation guide that comes with the bundle and a lot of real examples there too. Look at them carefully, give them a try!
          If you have something unclear after that use forum search functionality and try to find the answer you are looking for!
          And just after you did all this come back to this forum, describe your problem and your environment (jBPM version, DB, app server, OS) and ask your question!
          Also there is detailed wiki page where you can start at http://www.jboss.com/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JbpmWiki
          All said counts for your next two posts!
          Sorry for not being that polite but if you have some preliminary knowledge about jBPM and ask concrete questions we here at the forum will try to help you as fast as we can.