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    Want to get All leaving Transition

    umesh sinha Newbie

      Hi All JBMP Gurus,
      I'm very new to JBMP, infact just 8-9 days old.
      My problem is I'm not able to get the all leaving transition of any node.

      I have a process definition like below.
      <start-state name='start'>


      <end-state name='end' />

      After reaching at state 'one' I tried to get the all leaving transition just by calling processInstance.getRootToken().getNode().getLeavingTransions().
      But I'm getting null.
      I went through the doc provided by JBPM and I guess according to this I should get a list of all transition starting from this node.
      I also tried to find something useful according to my standard on this forum but failed to get one.
      Seeks somebody help.

      Thanks in advance
      With Regards