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    scrollableDataTable - working with more resultsets

    Thomas Deutsch Newbie

      In my project i have a combobox where you can choose an entry and after that you can click on a 'load' button to fill the scrollabledatatable.

      My error will be created after doing following steps:

      1. I load a very big set of rows where i can scroll down
      (the row index goes for example to row 1394)

      2. I load a small set of rows (for example only 5 rows)

      then i get a error message like this:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: fromIndex(39) > toIndex(0)

      With another words the table seems to store the position of the cursor/index and wants to jump to that but it can't.

      Is there any possibility to reset the index position?

      i tried instanciating each time i click on the load button a new HtmlScrollableDataTable and i use the binding tag but with no success.

      thank you for your help