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    Deadlock question

    Jim Knopf Newbie


      I want to use JBPM as a Workflow-Engine for a Hospital to suport the doctors.
      When it is ready, there are circa 30.000 - 80.000 Workflow-instances running.
      My Question is, JBPM is singel Thread what happend, if i get a deadlock in an action? I already tested it an if I am rigth if i say, that the hole Engine is frozen?
      And if i don't know in which instance the deadlock is, is it possiple for me to find the wrong instance and stop it?.

      Thanks for the Answers.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          correct, jbpm is single threaded. For complex actionswe advise to use the async functionality, so the processing is done outside the engine and a callback is used to trigger it again. Thatway the chances on deadlocks are a lot less.

          Never the less, it might be worth looking into writing a text/chapter for this in the docs. Or even looking into reducing the risk