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    Where to put hibernate.cfg.xml and jbpm.cfg.xml

    Matthew Molineaux Newbie

      I apologize for the seeming simplicity of the question, but I've been trying all night to find the appropriate place to put these, and I can't find the correct one. According to the example (?) jbpm.cfg.xml, it is intended to be in the root of the classpath, but the classpath appears to consist of tools.jar and a "run.jar" file; adding further class path entries and appropriately situating these files did not help. Are they intended to be in the compilation class path? Do I need to re-compile the web application to persist new classes? Further, is there any way to use a local configuration to persist class instances for a particular process definition? I am attempting to use JBPM 3.2 beta 1. Thank you for any help you can provide; I'm at wit's end and my searches are turning up nothing but the same vague hint at "root of the classpath". Anything more specific would be helpful.