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    Error: BPEL and processdefinition.xml

    Fiore Paolo Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I'm BPEL engineer certified, but it is the first time I'm using JBPM and JBPM-BPEL extension.
      I'm installed successfull
      - jboss-4.0.5.GA with hypersonic
      - jwsdp-2.0
      - jbpm-bpel-1.1.Beta3

      using JDK 5.0.

      I'm reading WS-Bpel Run-time User Guide, and following step-by-step the Hello world example. I've run with success the task "ant deploy-definition" but when I run "ant generate-service" the following error appear:

      ant generate-service
      Buildfile: build.xml


      [servicegen] 20-feb-2007 11.58.53 org.jbpm.JbpmConfiguration getInstance
      [servicegen] INFO: using jbpm configuration resource 'jbpm.cfg.xml'

      C:\downloads\jbpm\bpel\jbpm-bpel-1.1.Beta3\examples\common\bpel-build.xml:78: org.jbpm.jpdl.JpdlException: [[ERROR] no processdefinition.xml inside process archive]

      Why JPDL search in the archive processdefinition.xml. It doesn't exist. Exist the file bpel-definition.xml. Is it a mistake?