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    When will 3.2 be released ?

    smichea Newbie

      According to JIRA, on Feb 22 2007, only 3 issues out off 33 are closed in JBPM3.2 and the release is scheduled for Feb 16.

      Could you give any idea of the expected release date ?

      I worry also about the fact that the latest news on the website was posted on Aug 2006.

      Also is there a way to help ?


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Date: I can't that is up to Tom, Koen, Alex, David etc...

          Latest news from August 2006: I did not look, but it could be. Why does that worry you? Look at how active the forum is, how nice things develop in CVS, what get's added to the wiki, releases 3.1.x ones and 3.2 alpha, beta etc....

          A way to help: Sure, look at some open issues, see if there are ones you think you can help out one. Comment on that issue (to check someone is not already working on it, happens now and then), create a patch, submit it and when you've done that a few times, you can get committer access.