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    Get directions?

    Pedro Rolo Newbie

      Hello. I am quite green at jBPM and am trying to create a prototype as a proof of concept for something larger.
      The idea is to have a jBPM set of tasks which will each one call an already existant routine/class. This routine/class, upon invocation, generates an HTML screen for data entry, and after the accept button, calls another class which will insert the form data in a database. The return from this second routine should give control back to the jBPM task flow, so it can take control and proceed to the next step.
      I have read the documentation, but I still have quite a few doubts, namely which process to use to call the routine (It is a simple Java class), and how to have the routine notify the task that it has finished its part.
      You will probably find this quite basic, but I feel quite stuck with it... :-(

      Any information or pointers for discussions on this subject are widely welcome.

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          Arjan van Bentem Novice

          You may have noticed that you can use the Eclipse GPD plugin to generate XHTML fragments, which can then be shown by the jPBM web console -- and then wonder how to get started yourself. Maybe there's some examples in the jBPM Suite (starters kit) that do not rely on the web console, but I feel that better real-life examples are given in the JBoss Seam downloads.

          You could EASILY give Seam a try as it is up & running REALLY fast.

          See http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossseam/gettingstarted but use the JEMS 1.2.0.GA installer (found here, and giving you JBoss AS 4.0.5.GA). Next, when AS is up & running then download Seam, unzip it, adjust the build.properties file (ignore the Tomcat settings) and just run "ant deploy" for any of the jBPM examples, being "todo" and "dvdstore" (online demo at http://dvdstore.demo.jboss.com/ ).

          For these examples you'll see that the deployed EAR includes the jBPM 1.3.4 JAR, which is included in Seam. Enjoy!