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    Problem: SOAP Body Encoded

    Agustín Gañan Newbie

      When my process invoke a external web service, I have this exception.

      2007-03-06 13:30:36,812 DEBUG [org.jbpm.bpel.integration.jms.StartListener] caught exception while passing control to process, searching for handler
      org.jbpm.bpel.BpelException: encoded use not supported
      at org.jbpm.bpel.integration.client.SoapClient.writeRpcBody(SoapClient.java:212)
      at org.jbpm.bpel.integration.client.SoapClient.writeMessage(SoapClient.java:199)

      The soap message has the following properties:
      SOAP Body: http://webservices.tekever.eu/ip2pais
      SOAP Body: encoded
      SOAP Body: http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/

      That's means that jbpm-bpel Beta 3 doesn't support encoding in the SOAP messages??
      I think yes, but I would like some qualified confirmation.
      Thank you,


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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          We support RPC/literal and document/literal but not RPC/encoded. The WS-I Basic Profile essentially deprecated use of encodings, so there is no real motivation to implement it.

          If RPC/encoded support is a must for you, feel free to create a feature request for it in Jira. Please be aware it is not one of our highest priorities.